Project AD Aminotaur™ Essential Amino Acids – 585g – 30 Servings

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Aminotaur™ Essential is packed with no less than 13g of Amino’s per serving, delivering these essential nutrients to muscle tissue fast. With a mixture of the three BCAAs, a carefully balanced ratio of other Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) and topped up with a collosal dose of L-Carnitine all in a delicious and supremely mixable formula.


Aminotaur™ Essential contains BCAAs in a 5:1:1 precision blend. Each serving provides 5g of L-Leucine which promotes protein synthesis. This may help to support muscle build and repair. It also contains 6g of Essential Amino Acids to improve muscle growth and enhance fat metabolism.


Studies indicate that BCAAs may reduce fatigue experienced at the end of and after strenuous exercise.Anabolic Designs AminoTaur Essential can be enjoyed before or during your workout for enhanced performance. It can also be consumed between meals to increase protein synthesis.

  • An incredible 13g of Amino Acids per serving
  • Essential amino acids, BCAAs and other powerful compounds
  • Great tasting intra-workout shake

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