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Frequently Asked Questions

When do the boxes ship?

They ship on the last day of each month. So if you order on the 5th of the month you may have to wait 25 days for your first order. We do this to save money on shipping and handling so that the cost of the box remains low. 

What’s in my box?

Each month we switch it up. The goal is to give you a wide variety of products each month so you have options. You can always count on 1-2 Full Sized supplements, Apparel and samples. Depending on your goal, the contents will differ, but they will always provide the results you’re looking for. 

 Can I cancel anytime? 

Yes you can cancel anytime after the months you have already purchased. 

What happens if I pay in full and I decide to cancel before the term? 

If the unfortunate situation happens we will adjust the months that you stayed on to the month to month pricing and return you the balance. 

Ex: year subscription and want to cancel 6 months in – we will charge the month the month option for 6 months and give you the remaining balance.

Competition Series- How do I get paired with my coach? 

You respond to a questionnaire which will pair you with a coach that best fits your goals.

Competition Series- How often is the communication with my coach? 

You can elect weekly or bi weekly. 

Competition Series- How often are the check ins and weigh ins? 

Check ins and weigh ins are weekly to enforce optimal results.

What if I dont like a supplement sent to me or it doesnt work after ive tried it? 

All of the supplements are guaranteed to work. If you don’t like a supplement please let us know because we will make it a priority to not give you a similar product in the future.

Who chooses the supplements for me? 

Our team of certified personal trainers and nutritionists. For the competition box, it will be your all inclusive trainer 

What happens after I sign up?

You fill out a brief customer profile, and in little then no time you’ll be receiving a box at your front door.